Entry #1

A little about me...

2009-01-05 09:56:59 by El-Swift-O

The name is Bradley Marsh...
I am currently studying at "The Arts Institute" at Bournemouth in Southern rainy England. Im working almost full time to cover the cost of my studio flat "whey hey" as a Paintball Marshall and I also play in a team.

Animation isn't at the fore ground of my lifestyle but as a young kid i've always wanted to learn and animate and create games in flash! and so after many years of not knowing anything I finally have knocked out my first and not last piece "Save Energy".

I love film, architecture, animation and anything that involves a keen imagination. I hope you can share my aspirations!

A little about me...


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2009-05-31 17:39:46

Hope to see some of your art in the art forums someday.